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Badminton Playing Tips & Scoring

In this Blog, We will discuss basic badminton regulations, how to play, and the scoring system.

With a long history and a lot of excitement, badminton is currently a popular sport performed all over the world. Even though it is often associated with Asian sports, badminton is increasingly becoming more and more well-liked in regions around the world, including Europe, America, Australia, and Africa.

For those of you who want to know about badminton, here is an article that will introduce the regulations and how to play badminton. And for the best experience in playing badminton join Mantor Just Sports , Best Badminton Academy in Faridabad.

Badminton Scoring System

The coin toss method is generally used to start badminton matches. This process is employed to choose the player who will serve first. The scoring format for the current badminton match is a best-of-three 3 x 21 format. Matches in badminton might therefore last two to three games or sets. Any singles or doubles player who wins two straight games forfeits the third match if they do so.

The player who scored 21 points first in each game is declared the winner. The game will continue if the score is tied at 20-20 (deuce) until one of the teams or players is ahead by a margin of two points. The player who achieves a score of 30 first will win the game if the score remains at 29-29.

In the following set, the winner of the game will get to serve first. The player receives a 60-second rest time after each game’s score reaches 11. There can be a 2-minute break between each game. When the score reaches 11 points in the third game, the players transfer fields once more.

How to Play Badminton – Rules for Singles and Doubles

The following is how points are awarded in a game of badminton. The shuttlecock is successfully placed in the other team’s playing area by a single or doubles player. When the opposing team makes an error in serving or the outcome of his stroke leaves the playing area, the player or pair of doubles scores points. Here is a quick glimpse for you to know that you can join  Mantor badminton academy, Best Badminton Academy in Faridabad.

If the opposition side disobeys the match’s rules, a player or double number pair receives points, in the referee’s opinion. Every point scored by an individual or doubles team in a game of badminton is followed by a turn to receive a serve.

One of the key components of a match in badminton that signals the beginning of a match is service. In fact, in badminton matches, service judges decide whether or not the service complies with the rules.

Also, a player’s main capital is their service because it frequently affects how the game will go. For instance, if the service is executed flawlessly, the opponent receiving it won’t have an opportunity to attack.

A bad serve, on the other hand, will provide the opposition with a tremendous opportunity to attack. Whether from the left or right side of the court, the service is made across the net and into the opponent’s zone.

It is ruled that the shuttlecock is out if it lands on an opponent’s field that does not cross. Also, the servicing zones for singles and doubles players differ.

The shuttlecock is ruled out if it touches the front box and side box during singles play. When playing doubles, the shuttlecock must not land in the front or back boxes in order to be declared out.

The number of points the player who will serve has amassed determines whether the service is made in the left or right position. With an even number of points, the right position is appropriate, but for an odd number, the left position is appropriate. Even with no points, you can still serve from the right position.

There is no second serve in doubles matches; each pair only has one opportunity to serve. The player whose position corresponds to the points the couple has accrued makes the serve. Until the opponent scores the following point, the same player will continue to serve.

Check here out for more badminton rules:

More Badminton Rules

The shuttle should be hit under the server’s arm and below the server’s waist, with the badminton racket facing downward.

  • Second serves are not permitted.
  • The shuttlecock cannot bounce when you are serving.
  • No player’s body or racket should touch the net in any way.
  • During a point, a player may return the shuttles from either inside or outside the badminton court.
  • Nobody may strike the shuttlecock more than twice.
  • A player shouldn’t purposefully annoy their opponent (s).
  • The referee may call a ‘let’ if an unintended issue occurs.
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More Badminton Rules