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About Us
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We strongly feel that sport instils values such as teamwork, self-control, discipline, courage, confidence, perseverance, determination and a sense of belongingness in the children.
Mantor – Just Sports is the platform for reaching out to all sports enthusiasts – professional & amateur players, coaches & academies, health-conscious working professionals and parents. We aim to be the driving force behind the promotion of sports in the country by proudly equipping athletes and sports enthusiasts with high-quality equipment to bring out the best in their game.


We bring the game-winning sports equipment from renowned brands to your doorstep, the same unequalled passion for authenticity, quality and innovation. We have partnered with leading sports companies such as Yonex and supply their complete range of sports products.


We also provide one-stop solutions for the sporting requirements of institutions like clubs and academies, schools and colleges, corporates, premier sporting teams, and many more. Some of the services offered to institutions include a supply of sports goods, sports infrastructure, events management and consulting. We have experience in setting up courts and infrastructure, hostels and living facilities for students.
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About Us

Our Mission & Our Vision

Mantor – Just Sports has been created by a young and visionary team with a mission and vision to:

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Sports Academies – Sector 11-D and Sector 21-A Faridabad Haryana

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Mantor - Just Sports has been created by a young and visionary team with a mission and vision to:

– Promote Sporting Culture and reach across the nation.


– Emphasize the importance of mental and physical health among the children


– Identify talents in all sport at the grassroots level in the nation
– Imbibe the competitive spirit among the players by giving them a platform to compete against players across the nation


– Produce International level players who win laurels for India at international levels.
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Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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